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«In The Name of Mental Health» (1969) is now available again—as a FREE eBook…

Ron Leifer «In The Name of Mental Health» (1969) free ebook


«The Happiness Project» (1997) is now available as a FREE eBook…

Ron Leifer «The Happiness Project» (1997) free ebook

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If you need images of Ron Leifer’s book covers, to add them to your website/blog for review, here you can download them in different formats: plain flat covers, and 3D images of the books. 3D Book images are in transparent PNG, so they will fit any background color you have on your website, yet keeping the shadow effects!

Ron Leifer's Book Covers Pack

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Photograph of Ron LeiferPhotograph of Ron LeiferIf you need a photograph of Ron Leifer, you can either drag one of the small photographs (on the right) to a folder in your hard drive, or you can click on the photographs to access its larger version (908x1098 pixels).

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