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«The Search for Sin Semilla»
a fictional memoir by Ron Leifer

Ron Leifer's latest book The Search for Sin Semilla has just come out of the printers and will soon be available for online purchase. In the meantime, you can order a copy directly from the author.

«The Search for Sin Semilla» a nove lby Ron Leifer, MD

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Pages: 200

Price: $21.95

Publication: 2015

ISBN: 978-0-9915781-3-9

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«The Search for Sin Semilla» a nove lby Ron Leifer, MD

Ron Leifer, MD, is a psychiatrist who has been practicing psychotherapy for the past fifty years. Dr Leifer’s non-medical, non-coercive approach to psychotherapy has brought peace of mind and tremendous relief and self-actualization to thousands of patients. The story in this book integrates Leifer’s diverse and unique experiences as a medical doctor, a psychiatrist, a student of Western philosophy and Asian religion, and as an adventurer and lover.


In this autobiographical work of fiction, Ron Leifer tells an entertaining and instructive tale of forbidden love set within the heady experimentalism that captured many American intellectuals during the 1960s. Interpreted through the lens of Buddhist meditation and insight, this novella is sprinkled with provocative observations about psychiatry, love, and transcendence.

Jack Martin
Professor of Sociology,
Simon Frazer University,
Vancouver (Canada).

The Search… is a fun fictional tale about the search for self, told through the experiences of a renegade psychiatrist with a thirst for rule breaking and adventure… One doesn’t need to be a follower of meditation or Buddhism, a smoker of marijuana, or a student of psychiatry to appreciate and enjoy reading…

Greg Bennick
Award-winning writer and producer of documentary
Flight From Death: The Quest for Immortality.”

Jake Fisher is a practicing psychiatrist in his early thirties, living and working in Syracuse (NY). Beside his love for medicine, he is a seeker on the path of Buddha, under the guidance of Ageha, a wise and eccentric monk of the «left handed Tantra» school. But a sudden turn of life awaits Jake, something that is going to put to the test his spiritual and professional life, breaching the separating wall that held them apart in seeming harmony.

One evening, while Jake is on duty, a woman (Arlene) is brought to the psychiatric ward by her husband who wants her commited against her will. Jake soon realises that the husband’s request for psychiatric care is a pretext for punishing and subduing a rebellious wife, and that the ward director is willing to go along that path because of the prominent position held by the husband within the local community. Arlene is hospitalized and the director orders Jake to administer her electric shock therapy. Jake finds himself trapped in an unbearable conflict, realizing that he won’t be able to save both Arlene and his job, his Buddhist values and his psychiatric professional identity. Whichever choice he’ll make he’ll have to pay a price for it, and the stakes are high.

Jake realizes that his primary duty resides in the hippocratic oath and the Buddhist teachings. He has to break the asymmetrical relation of power that psychiatrists hold over patients, and help to set Arlene free.

This a story about the spiritual and material lengths that individual courage can take us through. Jake’s runaway with Arlene symbolizes the wholehearted rejection of socialy approved asymmetrical relations of power — of psychiatrists over patients, husbands over wives. Their adventures in Mexico reveal to the reader the subtle processes of inner transformation along the path of self-rediscovery, the search for new existential dimensions which can be found only out of the box.

A tale in which opposing forces — despair and hope, indifference and love, materialism and spiritualism — are delicately brushed to reveal the psychological contours and shadows of its characters, with a constant tension toward the spiritual evolution of Jake of Arlene.

In the midst of this adventure, Jake the Buddhist disciple has one more task to accomplish: Ageha instructed him to find and bring back some sin semilla, a very strong and “particular type of marijuana that reveals the clear light.”

Tristano Ajmone
psychiatric survivor and President OISM,
Turin (Italy).

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While distribution and sales of «The Search for Sin Semilla» is being organized, you can order  a discounted paperback copy of the book directly from the author by sending a letter with your address and a $20 check to:

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